​2014/2015 - Shack
    Shack is the house that I lived in at Franconia Sculpture Park. It is a small scale, site specific, architectural project. The original motivations were to provide myself with a few simple comforts with minimal effort, but, early on and through to the end, the project became an obsessive exercise in the economy of space, the homespun production of luxury and comfort, and in doing the highest quality work possible with mostly low quality and basic materials by way of an enormous investment of time and energy. It is not a "Tiny House" as it does not spring from the same values that that movement articulates. Shack has nothing to do with securing affordable housing for myself - it will always exist at and belong to Franconia Sculpture Park, and it is my gift to this place that has been good to me. It is simply - private quarters. It's a shack. 
March 2014 - Before
This is Shack as it was given to me to live in.
Selected In-Progress Shots
March 2015 - After

paul howe
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​photo credits: 2015 Ryan Rodgers, Osceola, WI