2012: The Inter-Urban. Champaign/Urbana, IL  
with Bobby Zokaites and Chris Carl
with technical assistance from Sutton Demlong

    Three men put their lives on hold for one month, put up $2,000 each, and got together to do something ambitious. 
    Three large-scale deaccessioned and obsolete artifacts were chosen from the Midwestern infrastructure, were rehabilitated and updated, and assembled into a kit for an absurd mobile exhibition of elbow grease, early twentieth century hoisting technology, late twentieth century methods of agriculture and food distribution, and the coordinated labor of peers. 
    The Inter-Urban leverages contemporary social themes of thrift, restoration, adaptation, mobility, multi-functionality, and collaboration with deadly serious play and very real hard work.  
The Crane - 1920's Fairmont Railway Motor Company railroad crane
The Truck - 1980's GM drivetrain and chassis with 1970's Airstream Corporation body

The Seats - lumber salvaged from 1910's wooden-cribbed grain elevator
All Together

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