paul howe

spending time since 1987
Art should perform for us. It should do work. It should be knit into the wool of our everyday corporeal and psychological experience. Let all artifice be richly worked with passionate hands and minds. Let it start arguments and bring lovers together - what's the difference? - only the energy counts. Let art inflame and stir and move through hands and minds infectiously. Let it be in the way, and let it be the way. Make it, do it, share it. Above all, please, DO NOT SAVE TIME. What are we saving time for? Spend it all. Tell your friends. 
Spring 2015. Franconia Sculpture Park. Franconia, MN

   One of the most common items you'll find in the free section on craigslist is firewood. It usually comes in the form of a live or dead standing tree, on the condition that you cut the tree down and haul it away (entirely, every single twig) without tearing up the lawn. These ads come up daily, even out here in rural Minnesota. Alongside these ads are ones for couches, recliners, scrap lumber, busted appliances, and outdated televisions; mostly things that people don't want and don't want to deal with or don't know how to deal with, or don't want to pay money to deal with. Though a tree and a broken dishwasher have little in common, they can both meet the same fate at the hands of their clueless owners, and both participate in the cultural rituals of disposal and reclamation.